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Google Ads will get your business noticed on SERPs. But, do you have the website and social media marketing strategies to make turn website traffic into conversions? Talk to one of our team members to find out!

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Target your audience before your competitors and give your brand the competitive edge. Rank higher on Google searches and attract qualified leads who are ready to convert. Our data-driven campaigns generate new leads and re-engage existing leads to finish their conversion.  We strategically place your ads in front of interested customers at the right time to maximize your conversions and boost sales. Talk to one of our digital marketing experts today for a customized PPC campaign that’s ideal for your brand.

How does it work?

They’re more like auction systems where an ad is built and will be displayed under relevant keywords that you choose. Then, a bid is created depending on how much you’d want to spend on the ad. Your competitors will also be competing with their bids on the targetted keyword. 

The goal is to create quality Google Ads that will convert the website traffic at a higher volume. It is important to understand your customer’s journey that leads to sales. It begins with your online presence that creates brand awareness and interest after which the user considers their intent. After evaluation, the user’s intent may convert into a sale. Digital marketing targets each step of the customer journey to maximize revenue and increase conversions. For successful PPC Ads, we create a strategic approach and understand your business profile. Then, with our technical expertise and experience, we help you achieve your goals for your business.

Target & convert your potential customers

When you focus on your online visibility, you maximize your revenue and create brand recognition. With Google Ads Display, Google Shopping, and Google Remarketing, you achieve more conversions for your business. 

Focus on the existing leads you’ve forgotten about. Google Remarketing targets customers who have visited your page but haven’t completed their purchase. With Google Remarketing, you can finish the conversion of your existing leads by re-engaging them. 

According to statistics, 98% of users don’t purchase any product or service on their first visit to the website while 70% of users leave their products in their online carts. However, remarketing improves conversion rates by reconnecting existing leads to encourage sales.


Drive website traffic & quality leads to maximize conversions, when your customers find your brand on Google search results










Testing & Launch


A quality website is all you need to get started online. Build a new website or redesign an existing website today and rank higher on search engines.

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Get Noticed On Serp (Search Engine Results Page)

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features are elements added on a regular SERP and the usual format of the page. Google consistently improves the SERP features to create user-friendly SERPs. Google Ads (or AdWords) are also one of the paid Google SERP features. However, the price depends on the search volume and competitive density of the keyword, that the business is targeting.

If you want your business to be noticed from the competitive organic results, Google Ads will give you the results you need. While there are multiple ways to organically add SERP features, Google Ads provide faster and reliable results, to allow your business to stand out.

When users search for specific keywords, a SERP will display the results with paid Google Ads (targeting that keyword) on the top of the page. The Ads are also similar to the organic search results but are highlighted but the “Ad” at the top of each result. This allows potential customers to immediately notice businesses when searching for similar products or services.

However, it is important to understand that Google Ads does not guarantee the top spot to every business due to the competitive market.

Data-driven Canberra Google Ads

Here at OzWeb Agency, we strive to deliver the best data-driven Google Ads management and PPC campaigns in Canberra. We work with you closely, to understand your business profile and metrics, to create Google Ads campaigns that attract new customers. It is a direct and effective way to promote your products or services and boost your online presence. Google Ads let you create your display Ads with specific keywords that are relevant to your products or services. Otherwise known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click), it advertises your product or service to your target audience, where you pay with each click on your ad.

Organic methods such as SEO, adjust various elements to rank your website higher on Google search engines. However, they require time and effort to build and create a significant impact. Moreover, with the competitive density, it often takes months or years to reach the top page of Google organically. Hence, Google Ads has a huge advantage over SEO due to various factors. With the right advertising budget, you can quickly set up your Google Ads and expect quick results.

Your website needs to generate leads. With our hyper-targeted strategies, we create Google Ads, Google remarketing, and Google shopping campaigns, with relevant keywords, focusing on your target audience. Increased conversion rates and ROI will get you the real results you want. Our PPC campaigns focus on increasing clicks and conversions to build a loyal clientele for your business.

Why Canberra Google Ads?

The statistics say it all. In the search engine market, Google owns 90% of the shares, where an average user makes about 3 searches daily. Hence, Google Ads create 50% more conversions than organic methods. Moreover, 69% of phone calls to businesses from online searches are directly from Google searches. And, with increased ROI, tops Google Ads on the first page create an average of 7% click-through.

PPC advertising is a proven method of digital marketing, opted by multiple successful businesses globally. We develop the right PPC strategy for your business, to deliver reliable and game-changing results. Google Ads increase leads which lead to increased sales for your business.

Google Ads allow you to differentiate your business from your competitors and display your business on multiple websites and devices to the maximum number of users. We target relevant keywords that advertise your products and services across multiple websites. With the display of Google Ads, you can create brand awareness in your competitive market for your target audience.

In the vast online market, any business can create Google Ads with the right budget and design agency. With Google Ads, you don’t need a specific business profile or years in the industry to be noticed on results pages. Hence, for both new and established businesses, Google Ads are a great marketing method to provide them with more insights and quicker results.

Since Canberra Google Ads already target customers with an intent to buy, it makes conversions easier.

Still looking for other ways to advertise your business?

There are multiple steps to follow before expecting sales. It starts with web design to create an engaging and user-friendly website that converts your users. Your landing pages are the first point of interaction for all your potential customers. This creates a fast and lasting impression of your brand on the user. Check out our Web Design Services and create your website to boost your online presence.

Moreover, you can choose from various digital marketing strategies according to your budget and needs. While some may require more time and effort than others, other alternatives may provide quicker results. Digital marketing is an essential investment to increase the visibility of your brand. 

If you’re looking into organic methods, SEO is an organic way to maximize revenue. It requires fresh and unique content, an authentic and engaging website, along with various other adjustments to help your website rank better on Google. Consistency is key with SEO. However, it requires a minimum of 6 months to get significant results.

Social media marketing allows users to engage with your business on various platforms. This increases your brand visibility and generates leads. Our creative team manages your ad campaigns to implement various effective marketing strategies. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are huge social platforms that could generate more leads for your business, leading to more conversions.

For more Digital Marketing strategies, organic and paid, visit our Digital Marketing landing page to choose whichever strategy suits your business. At the end of the day, we want your business to achieve the goals you’ve set and worked hard for. So, let our team of professionals boost your online presence so you can generate leads, inquiries, sales, and conversions.

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