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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Statistics show that 76% of individuals with smartphones, who use them to look for products they’re interested in, will visit the business the following day. That’s a huge percentage of people that you can attract to your business too. To let people notice your business, your website needs to rank. Moreover, SEO is an organic way to gain visibility and rank on Google SERPs. Fresh and unique content with targeted keywords, responsive and secure websites, are a few of the ways your website can rank organically.


Social media channels are designed to hyper-target your potential customers. With data-driven strategies and research, you can increase brand visibility and engage with your target audience. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. involve a majority of the population who are looking for businesses like yours. So, don’t make them wait!

Facebook engages with 80% of Internet users, while 30% Instagram users are actively looking for products from online businesses. Meanwhile, YouTube helps you communicate through videos while LinkedIn helps reach business executives – the decision makers of the industry. We create, advertise, and manage your social media campaigns for your brand development.



Best digital marketing agency melbourne

Google Ads management or PPC campaigns rely on crucial data to help your business rank. However, you’d need a data-driven strategy to effectively target your customers online. While SEO is an organic method to make your website rank on search engines, Google Ads are the faster but paid alternative. Moreover, it boosts your site, and you won’t have to focus and modify several factors regularly like you would with SEO. Trust the numbers. Over 50% of Google Ads have shown more success in conversions over organic methods. Google places your business in front of the right audience.

Your customers may visit your website and view products but leave without making a purchase. With remarketing, we re-engage your existing leads to influence their purchasing decision and finish the conversion. When they browse on Google, the products they showed interest in, will be placed in front of them. Influence your customer’s perspective and increase your conversions.

Content is a way for you to communicate with your customers. You can use infographics, visuals, written text, video content, and more. Engaging and informative content over different platforms introduces your brand and increases visibility. It builds a connection with your customers. Building a consistent brand personality will allow your customers to trust and engage with your business.

Data-driven marketing techniques eliminate guesswork and uncertainty. Once we understand your business vision and current market trends with competitor analysis, we get the data we need to boost sales. We access your data to create a strategized marketing plan that eliminates any potential issues and increases conversions.

Turn your business mobile and give them a chance to engage with you anytime anywhere. Reduce restrictions and create your own app that lets customers engage with your business on the go. Moreover, it helps create brand visibility as customers find and install your apps from Google Play Store and App Store.


Take advantage of multiple platforms online and our industry knowledge to advertise your brand to your target audience. With our experience & expertise, we tailor our campaigns according to each unique brand. Talk to one of our digital marketing experts for a quote today.

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Connect & engage with your customers through performance-driven strategies that deliver conversions and immense ROI. Generate targeted website traffic and sales today.










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SMALL BUSINESS Digital Marketing Agency In MELBOURNE

As the leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne, OzWeb turns your digital goals into online success. Our team of marketers allow your business to connect with your customers on various platforms to optimize business growth.

Your business needs to generate leads about your products and services and increase conversions. For that, you need to reach your target audience effectively to get their attention and let them notice you. We analyze your market trends and competitors to build a tailored approach to engage with your target audience. Our creative strategies find the right media channel for your business with the right approach.

Digital marketing is an essential tool to increase brand visibility. With impressive ROI, it’s a long-term investment that’s worth it. Moreover, our research and data-driven marketing strategies, ensure that you communicate with your potential customers, in every way possible.


Target your audience, generate quality leads and boost sales with digital marketing campaigns. Convert website traffic into conversions while re-engaging existing leads, to maximize your business growth. Our competitive prices and data-driven strategies make us the leading marketing agency in Australia. The OzWeb team has years of experience & expertise to tailor our marketing strategies according to each brand.

Our team of marketers allow your brand to find and connect with your customers on various platforms to optimise business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see significant results. However, to witness a measurable and significant increase in website traffic may require a 6-12 month period. The goal is top search visibility, and with the right strategy, your business can achieve that organically.

While SEO is an organic way to make your site rank, PPC is the paid alternative. SEO will require altering content, elements on your website, and more. Moreover, it requires time and effort to make a traceable impact. However, PPC targets your audience to increase conversions. It requires lesser time, and eliminates guesswork and uncertainty that comes with SEO.

Look at it as a investment, rather than an expense. The investment entirely depends on your business marketing performance, market standing, and the marketing strategy we design to make your customers notice you. What works for a small business will probably not get the visbility for you – if you’re a bigger organization. We’re aiming for impressive ROI for your business. So, talk to one of our digital marketing experts today, and discuss the best strategy for your business – Let’s come up with a plan!

A website that isn’t updated for longer periods of time will look just like any online brochure for your business. However, a successful business connects with their customers and listens to their needs. Hence, engaging and fresh content is necessary, along with exceptional UX/UI design for a user-friendly experience. Moreover, Google also prefers regular updates of websites. While there isn’t a time limit for a new update, you need to ensure your website is relevant – to your business, customers, and market. Watch out for the competition!

Leave that to us! Our digital marketing experts will begin with a detailed consultation to go over your business profile, current marketing performance, market trends, competitor analysis, and more. We only talk once we have the facts to back us up.

With your data, out expert team of in-house digital marketing specialists will recommend the ideal marketing strategy for your business growth.

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