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Looking For The Best SEO Services In Australia?


Don’t forget – SEO and a great website go hand in hand. Once you have a great website that provides optimal user experience, our team of SEO experts can start targeting your audience. 


Choose The Right SEO Campaign

The industry is overcrowded – “competitive” – and every business is fighting for the top spot. In SEO, quick wins, and temporary solutions, just don’t work at all. Generating website traffic won’t bring impressive ROI without qualified leads and conversions. As the leading SEO company in Melbourne, our cutting-edge SEO campaigns are geared towards your Return On Investment (ROI)
Each business is unique with its own requirements and goals.  Hence, our SEO campaigns are strategized according to your business profile, competitors, market trends, and current ranking, to fuel your online visibility and growth. Our team of experts will sit with you for a detailed consultation, to create customized SEO strategies that work for your business. 

Local customers want faster service and results. Hence, they’ll reach out to businesses near them on Google! Local customers are usually ready to buy or at least visit your store. Create a Google My Business description to target customers based on location, preferences, etc. and generate 5-star reviews to build brand reputation.

Local Area – SEO

Don’t let the term “local” discourage you from expanding your reach. We’re just telling you not to forget the one’s closest to you.

We believe in a firm foundation, rather than an unsteady and huge reach. Your local audience shouldn’t be underestimated, as it has an undeniable significance for your business. Drive organic online visibility with local SEO, to encourage in-store visits, calls, sales, and conversions. Our data-driven and precise approach will ensure you generate qualified leads with an intent to buy.

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Online retailers and their customers have helped boost sales on eCommerce platforms. Online stores and purchases have never been easier, with a few taps for convenient virtual carts and secure payment methods. However, businesses need to keep up with the latest trends and back it up with remarkable SEO campaigns. The online world is very competitive because it’s accessible and provides room for innovation – something every business is trying to use to their advantage. Hence, product and store visibility is crucial if you want to outrank the competition. With more click-through rates and higher Google rankings, your online store can generate the sales you’re aiming for. With millions of Australians ready to make a purchase, they’re the customers you want to target if you’re ready to climb the ranks. Don’t lose website traffic or clicks, and generate qualified leads and conversions with our data-driven SEO strategies. Turn your business into a magnet to attract ready-to-buy customers. Being online isn’t enough. Let your customers notice you because they’re not going to make an effort to find you on the last page of Google.

Local customers want faster service and results. Hence, they’ll reach out to businesses near them on Google! Local customers are usually ready to buy or at least visit your store. Create a Google My Business description to target customers based on location, preferences, etc. and generate 5-star reviews to build brand reputation. Market to your local area with our balanced team of SEO experts, creative writers and designers, and dedicated technicians – all in one place. Our proven approach ensures optimization of your website for local searches and queries.

Local searches rank with relevancy as well and usually focus on opening hours, map directions, products, and more, within the area. Hence, you’re probably looking for the location as the key focus in these results. Customers around you are searching for your products or services with “near me” – is your business visible?

Value the local customers and see what they bring. Attract your target audience with the right deal at the right time to dominate the market and drown out the competition. Our SEO experts will optimize your website for local searches so you appear before your competitors and grab your target audience online. Moreover, an optimized website will rank higher in local search listings, making your business visible to local customers. Improve your local ranking on Google and maintain an online reputation to attract quality leads for your brand.

When it comes to online brand identity – never limit yourself and always aim higher. Expand your reach to an international audience with our optimized strategies. If your business has outgrown the local audiences, it’s time to dominate the international audience. Take the next step and partner with a dedicated team of SEO experts who craft the perfect strategy that attracts customers across the map.

We have exclusive access to industry insights that help us craft the SEO campaigns that take your business to new heights. International SEO, with traditional SEO techniques, optimizes according to the countries and languages you are targeting. Send the right message to the right customers with the right tactics. Your customers may use different languages, so your website needs to be optimized for seamless communication. Our years of experience dealing with International SEO helps build an optimized SEO strategy with quality content creation, international-friendly websites, targeted languages, and more.

Take the next step towards organizational growth and skip the guesswork. Our in-depth knowledge, experience, and access to exceptional marketing tools eliminates massive risks and deliver data-driven results with scalable growth. Target search engines other than Google that dominate the international market such as – Baidu, Yandex, and more.

Large organizations need a finely-tuned SEO campaign that works according to their needs, on a larger scale. Depending on the size of your organization, you may have multiple websites and pages with complex structures, to manage. Hence, you need an experienced team of SEO experts who can take up the challenge at such a scale. Enterprise SEO uses traditional SEO strategies with a more specialized team, for skilled execution.

With exclusive industry data, marketing tools, quality content, SEO experts, and more, we craft website and page-specific strategies that boost your online visibility. With long-term results and a performance-driven team, we guarantee an impressive ROI for your organization.

Build personal connections with your customers and enhance their experiences with Mobile SEO. As the leading SEO experts in Melbourne, we design relevant messages for your target audience in their preferred format. Your meaningful connections with your customers will give you a competitive edge and influence their customer journey.

Your customers are on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops – use it to your advantage! Show up on the screens they see every day and revolutionalize digital media. Boost page load speed with better UX/UI designs, and boost your Google rankings, to attract your target audience. Moreover, your website will be optimized to fit on different screens.

Google’s mobile-first index ranks search results based on the website’s mobile versions, whether the customers are searching on laptops or phones. We have data-driven mobile SEO campaigns that focus on your target audience – their age, preferences, gender, location, searches, and more.

With exclusive insights and an in-house team of SEO experts, we guarantee significant results with our optimized strategies for exceptional customer experience. Local searches, content, website – we optimize everything and help you outrank the competition! Aim for higher conversion rates and impressive ROI, with our SEO campaigns. We are dedicated to your business growth and performance.

Press play for more views, engagement, and conversions! Website SEO is crucial but take it one step further with Video SEO. Stay relevant with the latest trends on social media platforms such as YouTube, and create a new marketing strategy. Connect with your customers virtually, with personally designed video content, and market your business in your language. Translate your business vision directly to your customers. With the rise in competition, let your brand connection be your competitive edge.

Video content can be expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, the video needs to be optimized if you want your efforts and message to reach your target audience. All of this combined requires time, effort, and dedication – all of which can be demanding when you have a business to run. Let us take care of that with our exceptional team of creative experts. We use our creative side for your videos and combine it with our technical side to outrank the competition.

It’s a competitive online world and you need data-driven strategies that deliver results. We create quality video content that comprises of high-quality keywords, target audience and market research, optimized content, and your personalized business vision. All of this is combined in one cutting-edge SEO campaign. While we’re happy to do the work for you, if you want to create your own video content, we’d love to have you on board. You know your business more than anyone, and we know the industry. With a performance-driven partnership, we can help reach your business to more customers than you’d imagine.

With the rise of eCommerce, brands have begun to reinvent their strategies, for more conversions. Hence, your Shopify eCommerce store needs a clear strategy built on relevant data, to generate qualified leads and conversions. Consistency is key here, to maintain your performance in the online market.

Set up your Shopify store with the leading SEO strategies that attract your target audience with an intent to buy, and shape their customer journey for more sales and conversions. Improve your store’s visibility and turn it into a converting machine. Better products descriptions and a more driven strategy equal business growth.

We don’t believe in temporary results with low-quality keywords. Instead, we deliver consistent, significant results – LONG-TERM!


We’re not your regular marketing agency. Once we get your Google rankings higher, we’re here to help you maintain that. With our competitive prices and dedicated SEO experts, we’re not leaving any room for your competition. It’s time to see your brand on the top.

Is Your Business Showing Up On Google Search?

Showing up on search results builds your brand credibility. It’s crucial for customers to be able to trust your business before they can go ahead and make a purchase. They require convenience, online reputation, quality products, and faster service, to make their purchase. If you lack in any of these, the market is filled with businesses looking for a competitive edge.

Your customers won’t make it past the first 2 pages of Google in most cases. Hence, if they don’t see your business there, your competitors will attract them with their marketing campaigns and boost their conversions. If your business is invisible, you might as well be handing your customers to your competition. Don’t be lost in the sea of competition, and strive to get your business noticed. As the leading SEO company in Melbourne, we know exactly how to do that.

Re-evaluate Your Marketing Strategies And Get An SEO Audit

Our SEO audit covers a variety of valuable insights that you need, to see if your marketing strategies are effective. We conduct a thorough analysis of your business’ market standing and compile a detailed report that tells you everything you need to know. The report includes UX/UI design, website SEO, HTML tags, website structure, page length, content, plagiarism, and more. Moreover, if any changes or suggestions are required, our team will discuss them with you backed up by relevant data from your website.

Guaranteed Results

After all, your success is OUR success. The SEO team at OzWeb, is located right here – in Australia, to deal with our clients personally. We never outsource our work and ensure our staff works together in one place to deliver quality work under tight deadlines. Our confidence in your success and our services has built our loyal clientele who were more than pleased with our results.

Our staff consists of experienced professionals who are experts in their fields. With highly qualified SEO technicians, creative content writers and designers, highly trained digital marketers, we have everything you need, in one place. Moreover, our team will provide regular reports because we believe in transparent communication. You will be updated regarding your progress and significant changes, every step of the way. From inception to results – you can see everything.


It’s time to optimize your website and content to dominate the local & international market. We use our industry knowledge and expertise to ensure you outrank your competition.










Testing & Launch

Choose The Right SEO Service For Your Brand Positioning

Algorithms Change – So Do Our Strategies

The Google Algorithm is never the same, and that’s also what makes SEO tricky. You may be able to rank higher on Google with the current algorithm, but you still need a marketing team that strives to maintain your ranking, so you don’t have to start over again and again. Our SEO strategies evolve with the algorithm so we can deliver data-driven results for your business. We keep refining our techniques because we know how Google search results affect our clients.

We have a dedicated team of leading SEO technicians, creative content writers, web design specialists, and more, all in one place. For the past 8 years, we’ve poured our 100% potential, time, resources, dedication, and creativity, to help businesses like yours, achieve their goals. We leave your competitors wondering, as you continue to outrank them every step of the way.

Take advantage of our range of services and elevate your brand. Talk to a team member today and find out how you can increase brand visibility, qualified leads, conversions, and ROI – all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions’s

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to drastically improve your Google rankings, to the highest position possible. However, the first page of Google is a very competitive spot that requires time and consistency, along with data-driven strategies. However, we believe in achieving higher goals and impressive ROI for your business. So, yes, our aim is the first page and we use our time and resources, to help you get there, along the way.

We realize how devastating Google penalties can be and SEO is not a temporary solution. Hence, our team uses 100% white hat SEO strategies so you can rank higher on Google, and maintain the high rankings. Moreover, we aim for evolving and long-term results.

We can target as many keywords as we’d want to. However, we shouldn’t target everything. In the first consultation with you, we analyze your business profile, competitor analysis, market trends, current ranking, marketing strategies, and more, to evaluate your marketing performance. Then, we use our years of experience and skills, to target the keywords that boost maximum conversions for your business. We aim to target fewer but high-quality keywords to generate qualified leads, rather than guesswork of mixed keywords generating unwanted website traffic with no conversions.

Yes. We believe in transparent communication and that’s why we keep you updated with regular reports. The reports cover everything you need to know about the evaluation fo your current marketing performance. However, the rankings will fluctuate daily which is why we recommend looking at generalized reports and overall progress graphs before tweaking the ongoing campaigns, or evaluating strategies.

There are various reasons why SEO wouldn’t work for some companies. One of the reasons are unrealistic expectations. Be ambitious, but set realistic goals that you can achieve in a given time frame. If someone promises you otherwise, they’re probably hyped promises. Moreover, SEO requires more than guesswork. It needs data-driven strategies with complete commitment. SEO is harder than other methods, but is more consistent with results in the long run. Don’t work with amateurs who are nothing more than good salespeople. Instead, invest in a marketing team with experts who know what they’re doing.

Yes! We have a talented and creative team of experts who will produce engaging, unique, and catchy content for our clients. Our award-winning content writers, copywriters, digital marketing experts, make an experienced team that delivers the results you need. The content will be fully SEO-optimized and engaging for your readers who will keep coming back to your website! Unlike many agencies, we keep our technical SEO team and creative writers, under the same roof, for the best-combined output.

We’ll first evaluate your website to determine the initial rankings on Google and find key issues that need to be addressed. It will include multiple variables such as budget, market, etc. to determine the time it’ll take for your website to rank. Once we begin our work, it may take anywhere from a month to 3 months to really see significant results.