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Our award-winning strategies guarantee more online visibility and business growth for your brand. As the leading SEO company in Sydney, we understand the market and know the tricks that’ll get your business noticed.


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Drive Targeted Traffic & Quality Leads

The customers you’re looking for, are on their phones every day, searching Google and social media for the products they need.

They want quick and efficient results, so they’re more likely to click on whatever businesses show up on the first page. If your business isn’t one of them, you need to rethink your brand visibility. It’s not just about the clicks, but also conversions. We’re not looking for unwanted wanderers on your website who’ll browse and leave. We need customers who’ll convert and boost sales.

Data-Driven SEO Sydney Specialists 

Don’t fall for hyped campaigns that’ll bring unwanted visitors and nothing more. The first page of SERPs is reserved for businesses with a performance-driven marketing team that create strategic SEO campaigns that help them get there. It’s not guesswork, and it’s not a temporary win.

We offer our award-winning SEO services to multiple businesses with exceptional results. Talk to our team of SEO experts and find out which SEO service will boost your online growth and visibility.

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Outrank the competition with quality leads and conversions. Local or international – we’re aiming for targeted traffic who are ready to convert.










Testing & Launch


While we’re talking about SEO, let’s not forget the importance of a great website! Talk to one of our web designers today to create the website that outranks your competition.

Choose The Right SEO Service For Your Brand Positioning

We offer our exceptional SEO services worldwide with a range of specialties. Our customized services will aid your online growth and visibility.

Unlock your potential and talk to our SEO experts to find the SEO service that works for your business.

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Your customers define your business growth and they’re around you. With Local SEO, you attract the customers closest to you and boost brand visibility. With a strategized SEO campaign, you can target your customers within Sydney who’re looking for nearby businesses and faster service. Use location to give your business a competitive edge and show up on search results for local businesses. Your local customers are ready to make a purchase, or at least visit your store – either way, you generate qualified leads and conversions!

A lot of factors affect the local ranking, but one of them is relevancy. When customers are searching for local businesses, they’re moving through Google My Business profiles where they look for opening hours, map directions, your services, and more relevant information. Hence, you need to focus on your local customers with the right deal and dominate the market. Our SEO experts will ensure you rank higher in local search listings so your nearby customers can find your business and convert.

If you’re a large organization, you understand the complexities within your business and how it can be challenging to manage them. Multiple websites, consistency, and complex organizational structures, can prove to be more complex than regular businesses. Hence, you need a marketing team that can create data-driven strategies and deliver the results you need.

The fundamentals are the same as for any other business, but more intricate. We will focus on the same factors on a bigger scale – content, link building, on-page and off-page SEO. With optimized websites, product descriptions and more, our SEO company can handle the pressure and tight deadlines to help your organization grow.

We have access to industry data and marketing tools that will design strategies for your websites and landing pages to boost your online presence and generate qualified leads. Our team has SEO specialists with the right tools and research to implement creative strategies for your organization.

Our eCommerce SEO increases your online visibility so your customers can search your online store. Find the ready-to-buy customers and make them visit your online store and convert. Bring organic traffic to your website and boost your online presence. When it’s about eCommerce, our SEO campaigns focus on the clicks that boost your revenue.

E-Commerce has opened up a world of opportunities for online retailers with more and more sales. Without the right SEO campaign, your eCommerce store can’t compete with the competitors who’ve marked their place in the market. Your eCommerce store is an online and more accessible version of a physical store. If you’d display your products for your customers in a physical store, why hide your eCommerce store in the crowd of competitors? Push your products out in the market and outrank your competition. Millions of Australians are on their phone looking for the products you’re offering – Why hold back?

Each business here is working day and night to pave its way to the top and create brand visibility. Your brand needs to keep up with more than just quick wins. Generate qualified leads for your website who fill their shopping carts and boost your revenue. You need conversions and our eCommerce SEO strategies help you achieve that.

We’re focusing on brand visibility and conversions. We display your brand in front of customers looking for your products to boost your online growth and visibility.

Reach your international customers with International SEO campaigns and create your global presence online. Look for countries and languages that you’re targeting to explore new opportunities and revenue. We create your optimized international image to translate your local business values on a global level. Moreover, it will be optimized in various languages, depending on your business goals and target audience.

It’s time to think about your overseas customers and build international-friendly websites for them that features engaging content relevant to their market trends. Step out of your city and move on to bigger opportunities and discover a new market. Our team of experienced professionals will do their thorough research on your business profile, international market trends and competitors, current marketing performance, and more, to find your strengths and weaknesses. With a data-driven strategy, it’s time for you to watch your business grow internationally. Dominate the international market with new search engines outside Australia, and improve your brand visibility. Set foot in international marketing and unlock your potential!

Your customers are online every day and they’re looking for different businesses that offer the products they need. They’re on their tablets, smartphones, and laptops – different screens! Our Mobile SEO campaigns ensure your websites are optimized for every screen with exceptional UX/UI design and load speed. Design personalized messages for your target audience and build personal connections to increase brand visibility and trust.

Moreover, with Google’s mobile-first index, websites will now be ranked based on their mobile version. These SEO campaigns are designed to accommodate your customers based on their preferences, locations, interests, and more. Our SEO experts have the marketing tools and insights to create data-driven strategies that help you reach your target audience and maximize conversions.

Don’t underestimate Video SEO campaigns. Your website needs more than text and pictures to engage with your audience. Videos are a personal way to interact with your audience, and connect with them. Major platforms like YouTube give the opportunity to multiple businesses to find their target audience and create brand visibility. However, optimized video content requires time, money, and of course – strategy! If you want to take your Google rankings higher, you need videos that translate your business vision and market your products to interested customers.

You need more views and user engagement, if you want more conversions, Our team has dedicated professionals who will create data-driven strategies and video content, after thorough research on the market trends, target audience, competitors, and more. We provide unique video content so you can stand out from the competition.

Have a video idea that you want to implement? Create your personalized video content and let us add our SEO magic to make sure it ranks! You understand your business more than anyone, and we’d love to have you onboard as we begin to market your business with our video SEO campaigns!

Make use of eCommerce marketing tools and shape your customer journey to drive more website traffic and boost conversions. Give your customers what they’re looking for and rediscover your marketing strategies. Our market-leading SEO campaigns work around relevant data that guarantees significant results. Take a step towards the Shopify platform and boost your online visibility and find the tools to outrank your competition.

Discover new opportunities with our dynamic team of in-house SEO technicians and strategists. Our SEO campaigns are tailored to your target audience and their preferences so you can give them what they want. From brand interest, product descriptions, and an intricate Shopify SEO campaign, we guarantee more conversions and sales.


Yes, we guarantee that your brand will rank higher on Google. But, we don’t just stop there. Maintain your Google ranking with the Sydney SEO experts. Get ready to join our loyal clientele of industry-leading brands today as our expert team pours dedication and time in your brand.

Still Struggling To Be Noticed On Google? 

If you’re not making it to the first page of Google, you’re not alone. It’s a very competitive market and it’s impossible to stand out without data-driven digital marketing. If your customers can’t find your business, they’re instantly moving on to your competitors. Your lack of brand visibility gives other businesses a competitive edge.

You need a marketing team that analyzes your current marketing strategies and standing to see what’s missing and what needs to be improved. We’re not here to offer Band-Aid solutions to cover serious cracks. We focus on giving long-term wins that keep your brand on top today and maintain that standing.

Your current strategies might seem seamless but they aren’t fruitful if you don’t see significant results. With our data-driven team, we find the underlying issues and we fix them so you can outrank the competition. If you’re serious about your online visibility, talk to our SEO experts today to scan your website and marketing strategies.

Try Our SEO Audit To Find Out What’s Wrong

Our SEO Audit is the perfect way to find out why your current marketing strategies aren’t working. It’s a detailed report that covers a variety of information, including but not limited to – your website’s usability, SEO, UX/UI design, and structure. Moreover, our team of SEO experts will also run their eyes on your content to check – page length, word limit, focus keywords, keyword density, plagiarism, trendy topics, and more. If needed, our team will also recommend changes that will increase your online visibility, backed up with data from your website. We don’t talk without facts to back us up, and our SEO Audit tool, tells you exactly what’s wrong.

Fast & Reliable SEO Results

Consistency is the keyword for SEO! It’s not a one-day campaign that’ll take you to the first page of Google. It needs time, effort, and consistency, to deliver the results we guarantee. Don’t fall for elaborate campaigns that deliver clicks and no conversions. Instead, focus on long-term results with consistent tracking and updates so you know where you stand in the market.

We make sure you outrank the competition and only go higher. We’re the leading SEO company in Sydney and our clientele and results speak for themselves. Our team includes highly-experienced SEO experts who have delivered the results we promised, with utmost dedication. Our team provides regular reports regarding your marketing performance, strategies, competitor analysis, current market trends, and more, so you stay on top of things.

Strategically Tailored Content – Optimized Website 

SEO requires consistency, so you need a dedicated team of SEO experts who help you rank higher on Google. The Google algorithm keeps changing, and when you’re running a business, it can be hard to keep up. However, with a marketing team on your side, you can trust the experts to worry about the changes and optimize your website and outrank your competition. We’ve worked with multiple clients in the industry for the past few years so we know exactly how the system works and what you need to beat the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO can be very complicated and require a lot of alterations to your website. It also requires time and effort, along with consistency. You’d need a detailed SEO campaign that works for your business depending on your business profile – Shopify, E-Commerce, Video content, Local or international customers, etc. Moreover, a dedicated team of SEO technicians, digital marketers, strategists, content writers, and more, will need to come together to ensure every aspect of your website is optimized according to the algorithm changes, and maximizing conversions.

Yes. SEO is not a one-time thing or a temporary win. It requires consistency and time. Our SEO campaigns are designed to help you rank higher on Google and maintain that as well. We educate you every step of the way so you know the issues in your current marketing strategies, so they can be avoided. Moreover, a lot of factors can determine the decline in Google rankings, one of them being Google penalties! It can be difficult to keep up with the changing algorithms. Hence, our SEO campaigns do the work for you, so you can maintain high rankings on Google.

Yes, we do! We have an experienced team of in-house SEO technicians who have been working with multiple eCommerce businesses and delivering great results with our strategized SEO campaigns. Moreover, our team understands the technicalities of the eCommerce platforms and can help create custom strategies that work for your business.

Of course! That’s why we recommend our SEO campaigns to boost conversions. Our strategies ensure that you bring qualified leads to your website who want to make a purchase, rather than unwanted visitors who’ll take a look and leave. With our campaigns, you generate qualified leads, you can boost conversions and sales, and improve your ROI.

You know the time, effort, and consistency needed to rank higher on Google. But sometimes, your rankings decline significantly and it can be harder to recover them, especially if you don’t know what’s causing them. Sometimes, Google penalties can cause your rankings to drop and it takes more than guesswork to make a come-back. Google holds the power as billions of businesses are relentlessly trying to rank on the search engine and reach their target audience. Big business or eCommerce giants – they’re all fighting for a spot on the first page. Hence, they created guidelines to help manage the businesses while leaving no space for malpractice. However, if Google suspects any deceptive behaviour, it can penalize the business which in turn affects brand visibility, website traffic, and sales. Google penalty might be why you’re noticing a sudden decline in search results.

However, our team has dealt with enough cases and understands what mistakes may cause a Google Penalty. We ensure you recover from the harsh blow, while also educating you every step of the way so you are aware of the mistakes and don’t repeat them. Google penalties are either manual or algorithmic. If a human reviewer finds anything suspicious on your website that doesn’t meet the standards of Google, they may report your website for a Manual Google Penalty. However, algorithmic Google penalties are automated and are set to new algorithmic standards.

Running a business requires a lot of time and effort, so worrying about new algorithmic updates and guidelines can prove to be challenging. With our SEO team at OzWeb, you can worry about running your business, while we keep your website up to the guidelines and algorithmic standards of Google so you can return with an exciting come-back!


If Google sees any deceptive behaviour or over-optimization, it can penalize your site. Google penalties can take away the work and time you’ve put in your SEO, and damage your reputation significantly. It can be extremely difficult to recover from that alone, which is why you need an expert team of SEO technicians to manage the mess for you. However, the game isn’t over yet. We sit down with you for a detailed consultation and find out what went wrong. Our experienced team of professionals will then take the best course of action to help you recover and get back to high rankings on Google. Moreover, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way, so you know the issues and can avoid them in the future.

Yes! We believe in transparent communication so we provide our clients with detailed regular reports that cover every aspect of our campaigns including competitor analysis, your Google ranking, progress report, website traffic, and more. You will have access to these reports while we manage your SEO campaigns, and we welcome suggestions at any time. You understand your business more than anyone and we’d love to have you communicate your suggestions with us so we can incorporate them into our campaigns.

Yes! With our International SEO campaigns, we help you target your international customers with relevance to the countries and languages. We will design an SEO strategy that optimizes your website in the international industry and outranks the new competition. The fundamentals are the same as for our other SEO campaigns, but more focused on a new market by geotargeting, targeting languages and search engines, and more.

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