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Getting your business online isn’t that big of a hurdle today but getting your business noticed on SERPs, needs an expert marketing team. It’s time to move on from focusing on just keywords.


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Drive Targeted Traffic 

Your customers are on their smartphones every single day. They’re constantly looking for products and services on Google and expect instant gratification. They’re more likely to check businesses on the first page of search results rather than moving on to the second and third pages. The important question though – Is your business on the first page? If not, then your business is probably invisible to your target audience.

With over 2 billion Google searches, it seems impossible to get noticed on the first page of SERPs. Supercharge your revenue with a dedicated SEO Canberra company that guarantees results and makes the impossible happen!

Be The First Choice – In Your Area

Unlock your full potential and let your customers notice your business. Display your products and services right in front of the customers who’re searching for them. What you need is the leading SEO company in Canberra – and that’s US! Don’t focus on gaining a couple of unwanted visitors who’ll take a look and leave. Instead, we bring targeted customers who are guaranteed to convert and build your loyal clientele. We’re not here to offer temporary solutions to serious problems. We’re here to build a strong foundation that keeps your business on top – right now, and 10 years from now.


Location, location, LOCATION! Local doesn’t mean low-key. It just means attracting the audience closest to you, to build a local clientele. With both on-page and off-page SEO, we create a Local SEO campaign, to target your city, and attract customers who want faster service and results. When customers are searching for local businesses, 78% of them are ready to make a purchase – or at least visit the store.

Sales are at a peak as people have more access to online retailers. Your eCommerce is invisible with the right SEO. Imagine a retail store – You would display your products for customers to see and invite them into your store. The online world isn’t too different. The right eCommerce SEO company knows how to display your products in the online world so you can outrank the competition. We want to increase your products’ visibility, not the competitors

Out of the current population of 16.6 million Australians, 12.6 million purchased a product(s) online in 2015. What does that tell you?

Other Australian businesses are working harder each day to climb the ranks and establish brand impressions and sales. But, we need more than quick wins to achieve that. Your eCommerce business doesn’t just need an online presence – it needs a strategy! Drive quality traffic to maximize conversions and add your products to their shopping carts. Our eCommerce SEO packages are designed according to your customized business profile so we can achieve those goals together.

The tools and data may be complex, but our strategy and goals are simple – VISIBILITY AND CONVERSIONS! We’ll help you gain visibility for your eCommerce store, and push your quality products in front of interested customers. Accelerate your online growth and boost revenue with our data-driven eCommerce strategies!

Local searches rank with relevancy as well and usually focus on opening hours, map directions, products, and more, within the area. Hence, you’re probably looking for the location as the key focus in these results. Customers around you are searching for your products or services with “near me” – is your business visible?

Value the local customers and see what they bring. Attract Canberrans with the right deal at the right time to dominate the market and drown out the competition. Our SEO experts will optimize your website for local searches so you appear before your competitors and grab your target audience online. Moreover, an optimized website will rank higher in local search listings, making your business visible to local customers. Improve your local ranking on Google and maintain an online reputation to attract quality leads for your brand.

Expand your reach to a global level with our international SEO campaigns that target the countries and languages you’re aiming for. If your marketing has outgrown the local audience, take a step ahead towards the international audience to unlock new opportunities and greater revenue. We build your digital presence internationally to send the right message to your target audience. Moreover, your website will be optimized for other languages to facilitate your overseas customers.

Build international-friendly websites that translate your business objectives, target the right languages with unique content, and grow online globally. Don’t hold yourself to one city, and target a greater geographic area to expand your business further. Our experienced team of SEO experts analyze your business profile and data to eliminate any risks and elevate your business to an international level and aim for scalable growth. With thorough research and SEO audits, you have nothing to worry about.

So, jump into the international market with improved SEO visibility and target international search engines dominating the market outside Australia like – Baidu, Yandex, and more! This isn’t going to be a linear process with the details laid out. However, our team knows exactly what your website needs from geo-targeting and structure to industry research and international link building.

Enterprise SEO is typically for large organizations with complex organisational structures and websites – or even multiple websites. So, if you’re one of them, you need Enterprise SEO with a unique strategy for game-changing results. The basics are the same, just more complex. You still need focus keywords, on-page and off-page SEO, link building, strategic and unique content, and more. However, the scale is going to be significantly larger. With extensive and complex websites, products, and services, you need an SEO company that can handle them and take your goals higher.

With a laser-sharp strategy and seamless execution, we can create the perfect SEO strategy for your organization. Our senior specialists with years of experience and the right expertise have access to industry data to implement in our strategies. 

Through access to exclusive industry data, innovative marketing tools and ongoing testing, we’re able to design full-site and page-specific strategies that enhance your digital presence to attract and convert more qualified leads. By integrating your search campaign with other platforms essential for your growth, our partners can achieve long-term results and a huge performance boost.

Build personal connections with your customers by focusing on their goals and needs. Design messages that are relevant to your target audience to get that competitive edge and build meaningful connections with the people who influence your business sales. Your customers are on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, looking for new products and services. Hence, your website and social media need to be optimized to fit every screen and manage load speed and structure.

Google’s mobile-first index will allow Google to rank the businesses based on the mobile version of their websites. Hence, even if the customer is searching on a laptop, the results will be ranked from Google’s mobile-first index. These SEO campaigns will be based entirely on your target audience – what they’re searching for, location, objectives, preferences, and more. Exclusive insights with our SEO experts will help create an optimized strategy to ensure a seamless customer journey – from intent to sales.

It’s time to press play on Video SEO campaigns! While website SEO is important, video SEO lets your brand connect with your target audience on major platforms such as YouTube! It’s a new strategy and requires time and money to create video content that is optimized and can rank higher on Google. A video helps connect with your audience easily rather than simple text or infographics. Hence, it’s an essential tool for marketers. However, the competition in Australia alone can be intimidating for many brands.

The aim is to increase views, engagement, and conversions. Our team of SEO experts, video experts, and creative digital marketers work together to create an optimized strategy for your brand. Moreover, after thorough research on market trends and audiences, we maintain quality video content that is unique and fresh. We include high-quality keywords, to target the customers you’re looking for. If you want to create your own video content, go for it! You have a connection with your brand like no other, and we want you to translate that in your videos too. After that, it’s our job to make sure it ranks and reaches the audience it’s made for!

ECommerce has gained popularity and access rapidly that caused brands to rediscover their strategies. Our market-leading strategies will set you apart from the competition and generate more leads than ever before. Dig deeper into the customer journey and create a roadmap to drive more traffic and maximize conversions. Look for SEO adjustments that work for the Shopify platform. Moreover, sales-focused strategies will shape individual product or services descriptions to attract more customers looking for your brand.

We aim to improve the online visibility of your store and our team is here to achieve that. Unlock new opportunities and capture interest to generate revenue and grow your business.

Let Customers Notice Your Brand Today

  We make sure you rank higher on Google – and maintain that. As the leading SEO company in Australia today, our results and loyal clientele speak for themselves. With the right skills and experience, our SEO experts are dedicated to each individual project every step of the way.

Here’s Why Your Business Might Be Invisible 

Over 75% of Google searches never make it past the first page and that’s why SEO is so important. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd of competitors and target customers. If your business is invisible, you might as well be giving your customers directly to your competitors. However, it can be difficult to find the missing link or key issues that affect your brand visibility. As the leading SEO company in Canberra, our SEO experts run their analysis on your business profile, market trends, competitors, marketing strategies, and more, to find the holes in your business.

There’s a reason why your current strategy isn’t delivering the results you expected. We find the problems and we fix them with our data-driven solutions. It’s time to focus on your online growth and boost your ranking on Google.

Get Your SEO Audit

Our SEO Audit covers a variety of services that let you know your business’ standing in the market. It covers a review of your website’s usability and SEO, HTML tags, UX/UI design, and more. The full report will be based on various factors that affect SEO, including – content quality and keywords, page length, plagiarism, uniqueness of content, keyword density, lack of keywords, and more. Furthermore, our SEO experts also include their suggestions for changes, backed up by relevant data. It lets you know exactly what’s missing.

Guaranteed Results

Don’t fall for the hype and fake promises that deliver little to no traceable results. SEO isn’t a temporary win, and it needs consistent tracking to deliver long term results. 

Research and consistency are important for SEO. We offer quality control with regular reports to keep you updated with your marketing performance, competitors, and market trends. With transparent communication and data-driven campaigns, we take your business to the first page on SERPs.


Drive targeted traffic, quality leads, and maximize conversions – locally and internationally. Dominate the market long-term and outrank the competition.










Testing & Launch


Your website is a crucial part of your brand identity. With our creativity and technical expertise, we design engaging and unique websites that translate your business vision and rank higher on SERPs.

Strategically Tailored Content – Optimized Website 

You need dedicated SEO experts who know how to play with your brand’s strengths and weaknesses to outrank the competition. Here at OzWeb, we have a performance-driven team that dedicates themselves to your brand and creates powerful SEO strategies. As the leading SEO company in Canberra, we help you rank with an optimized website to beat the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We need to make sure your website is optimized both – on-site and off-site! Great content is useless if no one’s visiting your website to read it. Hence, we ensure it incorporates the right keywords with the right density so if someone is looking for content on the relevant topic, they are directed to your website. We sit down with you for a detailed consultation regarding your budget, business profile, and goals, to decide how many keywords we should implement.

We don’t usually have to make changes to the website structure or design. Instead, we focus on the content and link building, to optimize your website. In the end, we want to advertise your website the way you designed it initially. Our clients are always at ease when they leave the changes to us. However, if you’d like to be a part of the process, we will keep you updated if we intend to do any changes, so you can give your valuable feedback.

Of course! That’s exactly why you need it. Successful and strategized SEO campaigns will bring quality leads that maximize conversions and generate sales. We educate you along the way as we increase your online visibility, so you’re able to avoid past mistakes and track your business growth. We don’t just focus on website traffic, we improve your ROI.

We do offer our International SEO services if you’re looking to attract multiple visitors internationally. According to your requirements, we create an SEO strategy that works for you and attracts the right visitors while optimizing your site. International SEO uses fundamental SEO tactics but also allows you to optimize your website for different countries and languages.

Yes. SEO aims to help your website rank on Google or other search engines by driving quality organic traffic with a strategized SEO campaign. However, PPC focuses on investing in the advertisement of your products and services. While PPC is faster, SEO can demand significant time. However, they are both crucial marketing strategies and SEO usually provides businesses with better ROI over time, when compared to PPC.

Yes! We have a talented and creative team of experts who will produce engaging, unique, and catchy content for our clients. Our award-winning content writers, copywriters, digital marketing experts, make an experienced team that delivers the results you need. The content will be fully SEO-optimized and engaging for your readers who will keep coming back to your website! Unlike many agencies, we keep our technical SEO team and creative writers, under the same roof, for the best-combined output.

We’ll first evaluate your website to determine the initial rankings on Google and find key issues that need to be addressed. It will include multiple variables such as budget, market, etc. to determine the time it’ll take for your website to rank. Once we begin our work, it may take anywhere from a month to 3 months to really see significant results.