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CONNECT WITH your target audience 

As the best Design agency in Sydney, OzWeb Agency offers  exceptional social media management services to make sure your brand reaches your target audience to drive more customer engagement and retention. We’re here to help you every step of the way from brand identity and leads, to sales and conversions. With our creative Social Media campaigns, your target audience will connect and engage with your brand, building a loyal clientele.

You work on your business while we take it to your potential customers. Our technical team of professionals will create the perfect marketing strategy to manage your campaign on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Give your customers the opportunity to find you. Introduce them to your brand and build their interest to create brand awareness. Our creative campaigns will drive customer interest, engagement, and retention, to generate leads and sales. Social media platforms are home to billions of users and multiple brands.

Don’t rely on the guesswork and use the data and metrics to get results. Our targeted campaigns will be based on various aspects such as interests, location, followers, age, posts, and more. With the data, we will customize an advertising plan that works for your business.

Social Media Platforms

Home to over 80% of the internet users, your brand will have access to a larger audience. Facebook advertising will target over 13 million users in Australia with customized ads using images, videos, and more. Over 50 million brands are competing for their social presence on Facebook. Hence, you need a good marketing strategy to push through the crowd and be noticed. Create your brand’s unique voice and connect with your target audience to convert them.

Over 30% of Instagram users have interacted with a brand on the app and made purchases. Hence, various brands rely on the app to advertise their business due to its conversion rates and high engagement levels. However, the app won’t do all the work for you. You’d need a strong marketing campaign to actually take advantage of the app’s exposure. Home to over a billion active users monthly, and 50% yearly growth, Instagram provides the maximum potential for your business with sponsored ads and more.

The majority of internet users are on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, to engage daily with other users and brands. However, LinkedIn is home to over 450 million professionals where 80% of B2B leads generate from. Moreover, you’ll be able to place your ad before the 40 million executives who are decision-makers of the market. 9 billion weekly impressions give you the opportunity to really make your brand reach the executives and professionals that can help your business grow.

If you’re looking for video advertising, this is it. We ensure your video contents are optimized on SERP so they can rank higher. Moreover, keeping up with the latest trends is important to attract viewers, and generate engagement, views, and conversions. Let your videos communicate with your target audience. Our creative team ensures that your SEO- optimized videos stand out.

Direct more traffic, customer retention, leads, and sales

It’s not always easy selecting the right marketing agency to achieve your business goals. Many of them create campaigns built around guesswork, which can’t deliver impactful results for your business. Hence, you need the right social media strategies that drive more traffic, and leads, to maximize revenue. According to statistics, there are 13% better conversion rates on social media than other forms of digital marketing.

Targeted campaigns will focus on location, gender, age, interests, liked posts, followers, etc. This will generate the data and metrics needed to create a custom social media advertising plan. Moreover, it will allow us to alter your social media ads to gain customer retention and loyalty. The goal is to create targeted campaigns to aim for targeted audience, with the right data.

With a sharper and refined business profile, your business creates its brand identity and attracts customers. However, with direct response ads and quality management, you generate leads and sales, driving more traffic to your site. Moreover, better communication and integration of relevant trends will also increase customer engagement and retention.

Is your brand ready to be advertised on social media? Let’s find out!

Our team of experts provide exceptional guidance and services to fill any holes in your brand identity and ensure it’s ready before we move on to social media advertising.

Tried it before but didn’t get the results you wanted?

The investment, time, and effort into your social media campaigns should produce traceable sales and revenue. You’ve probably tried other social media marketing strategies but haven’t achieved the goals you set initially. If it’s not giving you more leads and sales, and better ROI, you need a better campaign. We understand the tricks this market can play on you but we’re here to provide you with better quality with no hassle. We focus on generating leads and customer retention, when we create your campaigns.

By targeting potential customers, we increase your ROI. The hyper-targeted campaign will target top leads and increase interest for existing customer. All of this provides your brand with the social presence it needs to increase sales.

We target your customers to increase brand visibility and reach, across multiple social media channels. With our campaigns, we deliver significant results with transparency so you can view your performance and growth. Moreover, by analyzing your competitors’ trends as well, we create focused strategies to make your business stand out. If you want significant results, you need strategies that connect with your existing customers while reaching potential customers as well.


Create personalization for your customers and give them a reason to choose your brand. With ready-to-buy customers, we’re focusing on brand visibility and engagement to maximize conversions. Talk to one of our digital marketing experts to see how you can boost your conversions and sales with our social media campaigns.


We do our research and combine them with years of industry knowledge, experience, and skills , to create data-driven strategies for your brand. Give your customers the platform to connect with your brand with our campaigns, and enjoy the conversions and exceptional ROI.










Testing & Launch

Target Your Audience With Data-Driven Strategies

It’s time to set your business apart from the competition in the market. We tailor your social media campaigns according to the changing algorithms and target audience. With social media campaigns, you can target the audience that’s interested in your product, rather than unwanted visitors. We generate relevant data – age, locations, interests, gender, and more – to ensure we maximize brand visibility and conversions. Our team of experts has the industry knowledge and expertise to deliver guaranteed results every single time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Scheduling your posts saves time in the long run, and creates a specific routine, so your customers can expect your posts at a given time. Posts can be scheduled on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

That entirely depends on the social media platform you’re referring to. You can delete comments on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. However, comments on Facebook and Twitter cannot be deleted.

As a method of precaution, Facebook allows your business page to block certain words from your page or hide bad comments. Meanwhile on Twitter, you can get rid of the comments by blocking the user or muting future tweets from them

A post is typically content you share on your social media with organic reach. However, ads are paid posts that target specific audience, based on their age, gender, preferences, liked posts, area etc. Most social media platforms can limit your organic reach, which is why we recommend ads to promote relevant and important content with maximum reach.

Ads have different names on different social platforms. Boosted posts are ads. They increase audience engagement and expand your reach among your followers on the social media platform. You can choose to boost existing organic posts as well.

The numbers say it all. Over 85% of videos on Facebook are watched by users without sound. Hence, closed captions are definitely important. It allows people to watch and engage with your content anywhere, anytime, with or without sound.

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