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As the leading branding agency in Sydney, OzWeb Agency has the necessary experience and professional team to help you create the brand identity that sets you apart from the competition. Our team of experienced designers, strategists, brand designers, app developers, and more, know what your business needs to succeed in the industry.


Looking For A Sydney Branding Agency?

Shape your  Customer’s intent

Your brand identity influences your customer’s perspective. The logo, typography, use of colours, and more, will impact the way your customers view your brand. Hence, you need our branding agency, because we’re extra careful when it comes to choosing these details. Whether you need to revive your logo or go ahead and completely redesign your brand, we got you covered.

When your customers personally associate with your brand, they are more connected and are more likely to engage with your brand. The most successful businesses are the ones that quickly connect with their target audience through various strategies

Let brand communicate with your customers 

Create your brand’s voice that communicates your vision and products with your target audience effectively. Grab their attention, let them notice your brand, and convert them to your brand. We ensure your brand is seen and heard within the saturated market. However, consistency is what you need to build brand trust and recognition.

We understand that your brand is more than a simple logo and website. The tone of voice and communication style is essential along with the typography, design, images, colour themes, and more. Moreover, it is the first impression that shapes your customer’s perspective about your brand. 


Your brand is important and we value that. With our detailed design approach, we create brands that convert.










Testing & Launch

Find out why you’re not getting the results you need

With the rising competition in the market, it’s getting harder to attract and hold your customer’s attention. Moreover, dull and old-fashioned brands aren’t very attractive for the customer and hence, affect business growth. Don’t ruin your passion for your business and use it to launch your brand with the right strategies after thorough research. Forget boring branding, and get ready to create an attractive image that gets your business noticed.

Find out how your clients view your brand so you know where to invest your energy and resources. Investing in your business will increase customer engagement and loyalty, business trust and visibility, and help you stand out in the competition.

  • Market Research – We study your industry data, growth, and trends, to give you insights that help identify why your business isn’t generating as many sales as it should.
  • The Competition – We also assess your competitors and their branding, communication, and more. This helps us create the perfect strategy to fight the competition and allow your brand to stand out.
  • Clientele – The success of your business depends on your clientele and that is the goal. How customers view your products and services, is crucial for your sales. So we analyze your target audience – their preferences, purchases, interests, and more, so we can create strategies that help you target them and increase conversions.
  • Your brand – Ultimately, we need to understand the current position of your business in the market. Our analysis helps us focus on any areas of improvement and also use your strengths to increase your sales and manage your marketing.


Take a step towards your business goals and connect with your customers like never before. Talk to our expert team of creative designers and developers to define your brand with a unique brand personality today.

Why Choose Us?

We’re more than your regular design agency. We do our research to understand the personalized needs of our clients, and set new business goals that work for their brand. Our data-driven strategies and dedication for each project,  set your business apart from your competition, with the right design. It is essential for us to deliver satisfying results for all our clients. In fact, this is what builds our loyal clientele. Our full-time staff ensures that all our projects are budget-friendly for our clients, and completed before their individual deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our entire team is working on our projects in-house – right here in Canberra.

Do I need a logo for my brand?

Yes! A logo is your identity that carries your brand everywhere – social media pages, brochures, business cards, websites, apps, etc. However, many brands choose to rely on their name to create the impact, and ignore the graphic. However, the brand name AND logo need to create a cohesive and properly-conceived brand identity. It’s not just about the colors and font.

Branding creates your brand identity, and is rather the foundation. Meanwhile, marketing translates that brand identity to your customers. Both services are crucial for a successful business, and neither work without the other. You can’t expect to market a poor and dull brand identity that customers won’t be interested in. In the same way, you can’t create an engaging and unique brand identity with no way to reach the customers you made it for.

The whole process usually takes a few weeks. However, the time frame will be adjusted according to your requirements, availability for feedback, business profile etc. You will be given the exact timeline at the start of the project, during our initial consultation. Our branding experts will go over the necessary factors with you.

Yes! We value your feedback and it helps us translate your brand vision perfectly. Moreover, we believe in transparent communication to ensure there are no confusions regarding the complexities of the project. We will send regular reports or have detailed consultations with you wherever needed, to ensure we create the work we’re proud of.

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