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Digital Marketing Trends

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Change and evolution is the only constant in Digital Marketing and 2022 is no exception. Small and large businesses need to plan for the future of digital marketing – and use them to their advantage! With new platforms, features, and more, consumer behaviours will keep changing and brands will continue to switch up their game. If your business doesn’t keep up – you’re losing your customers. Hence, you need to keep an eye out for the latest digital marketing trends to stay relevant in the industry and with your target audience.

Not too long ago, VSEO (voice-search optimization) and data-driven marketing were looked at as ambitious projects which weren’t likely to succeed. However, today, they are crucial digital marketing trends. The Metaverse, final cookies curtain call, social commerce, and more are some of the top trends from last year. As we enter the third year of adapting to the pandemic and its permanent after-effects, we’ve further embraced the digital world and socially aware audience. So, in 2022, you can only expect to go BIGGER!

Explore new channels, new web design trends, a new local SEO algorithm update, and more, as they shape the marketing world in 2022.

Metaverse is the next big thing

Facebook recently – and officially – changed its name to Meta. Facebook continues to grow on Metaverse which, simply put, is another word for virtual & augmented experiences. It’s the next big thing and businesses should look into introducing their brand in these spaces.

Influencers – Don’t underestimate their impact on your audience

Influencers continue to grow bigger as their marketing hit $13.8 billion last year. Since they’re relevant with contextual campaigns, they endorse the product better and attract your target audience. Moreover, B2B brands have also accepted influencers as a part of their marketing campaigns, including Adobe, GE, SAP, and more! Businesses should look into contextual campaigns to connect and relate with their audience through an influencer.

Influencer Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Websites need to be optimized and compatible

We’ve said this time and again – if your websites are not optimized and compatible with mobile phones, they’re not easily accessible to your audience. Many websites aren’t mobile-friendly, which significantly affects their website traffic since users are mostly searching on their smartphones anyways. Moreover, your website needs to be SEO-optimized to be visible on Google, irrespective of how mobile-friendly it is.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been a part of top digital marketing trends for quite some time and we’ve only seen the technology evolve further. As more brands move towards AI to analyze data and apply the insights, they’ve improved their digital marketing strategies. Amazon, for example, uses AI to show relevant products to their customers, based on previous searches & purchases, and the products they’ve viewed. These hyper-targeted strategies improve customer experience drastically and maximize conversions. Other major companies have also included AI in their marketing strategies such as – Facebook IQ for Facebook, Smart Bidding for Google Ads, and chatbots for CRM.

You can take advantage of AI to make your ads relevant to your audience, and improve your digital marketing on different channels. Try marketing strategies such as paid advertising, e-mail marketing, or content marketing. The majority of digital marketers opt for Google Ads (paid advertising) especially after their new feature – Smart Bidding. This increases qualified leads, boosts ad visibility, and maximizes conversions. Figure out what your customers are interested in with AI, and implement those insights in your marketing strategies to stay relevant to your customers.

Voice Search is the future

Don’t forget VSEO – the next big revolution. Voice technology has made searches fast and accessible, even while driving, or simply at home. People have started to depend on Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, with over 1.35 million Australians who have their own smart speaker in their home. VSEO might be a new concept, but it is definitely the top digital marketing trend. 1 in 2 Australians has used voice assistants to search or interact with a brand and/or product.

Conversational and relevant technology is definitely the future. The numbers don’t lie – Voice-based shopping is predicted to be worth $40 billion this year and voice-based ads revenues are predicted to reach $19 billion.

Introduce chatbots for optimal consumer interaction, from consumer interest to conversion. Chatbots can communicate with customers for their inquiries and needs, 24/7. Moreover, they can meet higher demand for large organizations as well. The technology is already seen in various channels such as Facebook messenger. So, in 2022, stand out with conversational marketing and incorporate user-friendly chatbot platforms into your marketing strategies. Deliver personalized and exceptional customer experience and focus on the voice tone (when setting up a chatbot dialogue) to ensure you send a cohesive and precise brand message to your customers.

Wake words such as “Ok Google” and “Hey Siri” is the start to voice searches. Moreover, typed and voice searches may differ such as “Nike shoes near me” to “Hey Siri/Ok Google, which stores near me sells Nike shoes?”. You know what that means – various new keywords to target! So, it’s time to incorporate voice searches in your SEO strategies.

Let your existing customers attract new customers

The social media platforms are competitive. Hence, businesses are still depending on the impact of “word-of-mouth”. Enhance the experiences of your current users, so they can share them within their social circle and your brand can stand out in the competition. Create new and meaningful experiences for your customers, every step of the journey, to earn the golden “word-of-mouth”.

Customer privacy matters – Third-party cookies are a thing of the past

Google announced, in 2021, that Google Chrome would no longer support third-party cookies. This wasn’t the best news for marketers who collected this data to personalize their customer experience online and target interested customers, boosting user engagement and conversions. However, Google decided to tighten the security for its regular users, leaving marketers rushing for a new way to collect valuable data. Hence, a majority of brands have begun to move towards first-party cookies where websites collect data from a user as they navigate on their website. Despite the limitations, the privacy terms are more acceptable.

But, all is not lost. Google plans to introduce Federated Learning of Cohorts (FloC) marketing which offers privacy to users and data to marketers, by collecting and providing information in cohorts, to target interested customers. Brands need to evolve their marketing strategies to keep up with the latest shifts in the digital world and stay on top of digital marketing trends.


Sustainability is an important concept. Customers are ready to support brands and their environment-friendly products and services. According to Google’s research, 82% of individuals have moved more towards sustainability today than they did before the pandemic. They’re looking for simpler, yet sustainable ways to live. Google suggests incorporating sustainability in existing strategies, rather than introducing them as extra features. Moreover, customers are more motivated to make purchases when they feel they have a part in helping the environment and creating an impact.

Bring a sustainable side to your brand this year by making environment-friendly decisions for your business.

Mobile-First Google Index

Google continues to updates its algorithm and recently, it introduced Mobile-First Index. This implies that Google will base search results on the mobile versions of your website. Hence, it’s crucial that your website is optimized for mobile devices in 2022. Tackle issues with the display, page speed, compatibility, etc. to ensure your website is mobile-friendly for your users. Over 45% of online traffic in Australia comes from mobile devices.

Rank higher on Google with mobile-friendly websites and content. Focus on key elements such as font size, content (shorter sentences & paragraphs, use of headings, and images, to make it easier for users to read large content on their smartphones), page load speed, page optimization, and more. Adapt to mobile SEO strategies to stay on top of your game and stand out in the competition. Mobile-friendly content engages your users and helps you rank higher, which maximizes conversions.15-2017).

Algorithms affect every aspect

Don’t take them lightly, and definitely don’t go around your marketing with guesswork. Today, algorithms control each aspect of digital marketing, including but not limited to, social media feeds, SEO, display ads, and e-mail. The algorithms optimize user experience – another reason why you need to focus on your UX/UI design.

Digital marketing introduces a world of opportunities, but remember – not every opportunity is for your brand. Find the right form of digital marketing that’ll help your brand, and dominate the market through it, rather than messy and irrelevant digital marketing which might do more harm than good. Marketers are waiting for new trends with the latest technologies on engaging platforms. However, a rocky foundation will never get you there. Hence, build your foundation before you aim for higher opportunities.

If you want your brand to stay relevant this year, you need to take advantage of these digital marketing trends. See how these trends can help you boost your business growth. This is just a highlight of what we know about the industry.

With our industry knowledge and your brand, we create data-driven strategies that dominate the market, maximize conversions, and skyrocket your sales in 2022. Talk to one of our team members about the ideal digital marketing plan today.

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