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Social Media Marketing Trends

Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022

Social media has given rise to various trends and keeping up with them can prove to be difficult. However, your customers spend a good chunk of their day on social media so it’s time to take advantage of that. Social media is an integral part of your customers’ daily routines, to say the least. So, maybe it’s time to consider social media marketing for your brand.

Considering the importance of social media in everyone’s lives, marketers have begun advertising their brands on these platforms, hoping to connect with their audience. However, social media is also extremely competitive with diverse content from various brands and businesses. Hence, it can be extremely challenging to stand out from the competition and stay relevant to the latest social media marketing trends.

Explore the top social media marketing trends that we predict for 2022 to fuel your marketing strategies. Social media continues to grow and so do brand strategies. We’re not just focusing on how to engage our audience, we need to stay relevant in the changing landscape.

Video content – Short & Accessible

Statistics show that from January 2018 to July 2020, Tiktok users combined spent 68 billion hours on the application! With a majority of young users shooting, editing, and watching 15-second video content, the app created a new marketing strategy.

In Australia and internationally, short video content has gained massive popularity after social media apps like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels have introduced them. They’re short and accessible and mostly gained popularity in 2020 during the global lockdown. They have high levels of engagement on social media apps, which is why it’s crucial for marketers to incorporate them into their marketing strategies. It sends a precise brand message to your target audience in a fun and engaging way.

TikTok doesn’t have to be the only platform for your business. If you’re already advertising your business on Instagram and YouTube, boost your 15-second videos on these platforms! There are more than just long videos on YouTube and breakfast pictures on Instagram, ever since they accepted the short video trends as well. Create engaging social media content that’s short and fun for your audience, and use it to advertise your brand. It could be ASMR videos, time-lapse videos, DIY videos, and so much more!

Authentic & Transparent – Build Brand Trust!

Your customers are more likely to convert when they can trust your brand. 70% of customers claim to feel more connected to the brands when the higher management and CEO is directly involved in the social media campaigns. Advertising your products and services isn’t enough – make them authentic & transparent.

Post engaging video content showing the dedicated people in your team and the offices of your brands. This type of content connects with the audience because it shows authenticity and humbleness. Your customers find it easier to connect with your brand and the people that build your brand.

Social Media – A place to shop!

Social media has always been about connections between people and favourite brands. However, during the pandemic, online shopping also gained popularity, especially in Australia, according to the 2021 PayPal eCommerce Index. Moreover, major social media platforms – Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram – provide brands with ways to sell their products on the applications. Moreover, eCommerce sales increased by 30% in 2021 with new ways to turn online content – “shoppable”. Customers are navigating apps and purchasing their favourite products directly from advertised social media posts.

Express your brand identity through content stories that build a meaningful connection with your customers. You can optimize your campaign and translate your brand message, with the same content!

It’s Time for Social Commerce

Social commerce is one of the top social media marketing trends and the numbers are here to prove it. In 2021, US social commerce buyers grew by 25% and reached a total of 80 million. Moreover, their sales are expected to be over 100 million by next year. And, the pandemic? – It only accelerated the sales further.

40% of businesses have used engaging platforms to boost their sales. Is your business one of them? If not, you should really be worried about the sales you’re missing. To get started, integrate your eCommerce store directly with your Instagram Checkout and Facebook shopping, so your customers can begin shopping on social media. Furthermore, add links in the relevant posts so your customers can be redirected to your website and continue shopping. And of course, never underestimate the influence of the influencer. Brand promotion with influencers on social media is extremely beneficial for your business sales as they can easily impact consumer interest. Engaging video content and user-friendly chatbots, further build brand trust and optimize the customer experience.

90 of the 1 billion Instagram users are actively following brands and the majority of them visit these pages every day. Live Shopping, Reels Ads, IGTV Ads, and Instagram Checkouts, are some of the features incorporated in Instagram to amplify the shopping experience. Moreover, TikTok launched TikTok Shopping for their 1 billion active users monthly.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Will Shape The Future

While AR and VR are the same, they have different technologies and are used for different purposes. VR is usually aimed towards simulations to escape reality while AR utilizes existing physical information to create a virtual environment to interact with – like your online virtual store! 360 videos and virtual reality in gaming, have gained popularity recently, which is why businesses have shifted their marketing strategies towards the latest technology. Moreover, during the pandemic, as the world shifted to the online world, the competition has begun to grow as more brands enter the space.

AR filters have been incorporated on multiple platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to enhance existing visual content. They became widely popular pretty quickly as billions of users started engaging with the technology on the platforms. However, it’s not just stories and fun posts – brands use AR for optimized shopping experiences with exclusive views of products and immersive experiences.

“Snackable” Content With TikTok

TikTok has gained popularity fairly quickly and was the first social media app, other than Facebook, to reach 3 million downloads globally, in 2021. Fast growth often points towards a passing phase. However, that isn’t the case with TikTok as customers continue to love the “snackable” content on the app. Moreover, it led to the rise of Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, etc. It’s fast, engaging, and doesn’t require a long social media attention span.

Let Your Customers Contact Your Brand With Social Media Messaging Apps

They’re not just for emojis and friends, but also for brands! Business profiles and pages on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc, have over 4.5 billion users in total. Moreover, over 55% of users have claimed they messaged brands with their queries about products and services, during their buyer journey. Moreover, it is a form of conversational marketing strategy, which is the next big trend for the coming years. Deliver information on time, provide convenience, provide optimal support and assistance, and boost sales, with social media messaging apps.

Visual Search is a way to upload an image and search, rather than text or voice search. The two companies taking maximum advantage of visual search are Pinterest and Google Lens. The Pinterest lens can recognize over 2.5 billion fashion and home decoration objects with over 600 million Pinterest searches on mobile and desktop browsers. Moreover, with the recent updates, they’ve introduced Pincodes (QR codes for inspiration when going through favourite magazines), Idea Pins, and AR features.

Moreover, Google Lens allows you to scan barcodes, apparel and home objects, business cards, add events to calendars with event flyers, books for reviews, and more! It recognizes objects through the camera app and scans for more relevant information.

Social Media Stories

Snapchat initially started the trend of short “stories” that disappear after 24 hours. Soon enough, Instagram and Facebook followed the trend, after which LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube introduced their own versions of “stories”. They allow creators and brands to share content to connect with their audience.

You can engage with your audience using various features in stories such as – Instagram polls, Snapchat Geofilters, location tags, live videos, mention brands and other users, relevant links, and more!

Each trend has its own advantages in the industry and you must strategize your social media marketing accordingly. However, a few basics to cover would be to introduce video content wherever possible – People are loving it right now! It creates authenticity and helps create a connection between your brand and your customers. Moreover, remember to stay relevant with relatable content. Maybe try “a day in the life” of your dedicated team, or talk about your brand’s vision – create a connection with the audience.

Social Media isn’t as formal as you’d expect it to be so keep things relevant with a conversational tone in your captions that still align with your brand’s voice. Ask and answer your follower’s questions and increase customer engagement and conversions. Explore design elements – memes, short videos, infographics, etc. – to attract and hold your customer’s attention. However, if you still need experts with industry knowledge regarding social media marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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