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Top Web Design Trends in 2022

The top web design trends are bringing vibrant colours, minimalism, trippy visuals, and an unforgettable user-friendly experience for customers globally. Moreover, designers are bringing in their creativity with full force to create art – in the form of websites for your brand. Interactive and aesthetic websites give designers a way to showcase their creativity while brands aim for optimal user engagement.

With new layouts and visuals, designers are looking for ways to experiment with different typography, grids, navigation, colours, textures, and more, to let brands translate their message and vision in a unique way. After all, visuals and user experience are crucial for a great website.

Websites need to be accessible, compatible, easy to navigate, user-friendly, and fast. Any gaps in design and structure, can impact the user experience, and honestly – your conversions as well! In a highly competitive market, you can’t afford simple mistakes that will cost you your sales! As technology continues to evolve, so do our web design trends.

The latest web design trends involve contemporary techniques including animations, interactive visual effects, and more! It’s all about embracing the latest technology and immersing your brand in 2022 to stay relevant. So, let’s wrap things up with 2021 and take a sneak peek at the trends for 2022.

SPOILER ALERT! We’re expecting innovation in design, better user experience, and high page speed this year.

Bring life to your website with 3D animation & kinetic typography

2021 introduced 3D illustrations as a part of their web design trends and we’re only expecting it to be stronger this year. The flat and lifeless 2D designs seem to be a thing of the past as customers want to engage with realistic and interactive 3D illustrations. Dribble and Behance didn’t take long to hop onto the trend and lead the way.

3D characters might be disproportionate, but that’s what makes them fun! 3D cartoon characters are inspired by traditional illustrations, but their 3D spin spreads a friendly, interesting, and realistic vibe. Moreover, people are enjoying turning themselves into life-like cartoon characters and engaging with their friends on social media!

Kinetic typography is one of the most rapidly evolving techniques that designers use today. Adding movement to text helps capture the attention of the reader while setting a specific brand tone. Moreover, you can emphasize the important bits and influence how the user’s eyes move on the page. This trend has really unlocked a world of opportunities as we moved on from static text. We’re focusing on dynamic text and transitions this year!

Top-Rated Web Design Trends
“Vibes” neon style – Engaging typography
Top-Rated Web Design Trends
3D Animation – Character and Objects

Typography is a crucial element of your website, so designers love to play with it! This year, oversized typography is becoming one of the most common web trends as designers aim to make it a graphic element and also use it in minimalist styles or more. One of the best examples of an interactive font on a website would be Dillinger!

It’s time for CGI Graphics!

All of the top web design trends are focused on increasing user engagement and experience on the website. So, CGI graphics come into play for animation with exceptional quality using the latest technology. If you’re a brand that can afford CGI graphics, you’re in luck! There are countless opportunities and benefits as the graphics’ quality on the website, translate the quality and credibility of the brand. CGI doesn’t always have to be extremely complex. Learn to incorporate just the right kind and amount of design elements in your website – even if it’s CGI graphics.

App-like user experience on a website

If we’re talking about web design, we’re focusing on the user’s experience. Hence, the trends will only lead to new possibilities of an immersive website using creativity and design, to really create something unique. So, it won’t come off as a surprise that designers are moving towards app-like user experiences by incorporating the same animations, interactions, transitions, and dynamic experiences into their websites.

Organize content with one-page websites

Sometimes, complexity isn’t the way to go. Hence, we’ve seen one-page websites gain popularity recently for a simpler, yet interactive form of a website. They exclude menus and navigation across different services and only focus on scroll navigation on the website.

By eliminating multiple pages, these websites become a sort of digital flyer/poster. All of the relevant information is in one place, distributed on one page, with no distractions or searches. Many freelancers have been using it to display their portfolio or resume, as it helps the user give their undivided attention to the subject of the website.

Sometimes designers break up the screen to introduce a split-screen layout. It’s becoming pretty popular recently and the dual layout helps bring visual interest, creates contrast, and allows the designer to separate the content – especially helpful in one-page websites that don’t have multiple pages to break content. Moreover, with a split-screen layout, you can play with the fonts, colours, and more.

 Art deco motifs – Geometric designs

Get inspired by clean lines with repetitive geometric designs that point towards arc deco illustration! Incorporate them in logos, fonts, borders, and more! The combination of the right elements can introduce symmetry and simplicity in your web design and create a minimalist, yet engaging experience for your users. Back in 2017, Facebook chose the Alegria to create the BUCK art that was inspired by art deco’s portrayal of humans. The exaggerated proportions, clean lines, oval faces, minimal detail, and flow, created the perfect design for the social media app’s brand image.

Don’t compromise on page speed!

While we’re indulging in creativity, let’s take a moment to step back and look at the technical side of webs design. Page speed is absolutely crucial for the user experience and the 2021 Google Algorithm update pointed out page speed as a more important factor for SEO than it was before. Hence, it shows how users are expecting faster websites with better performance. Did you know about 53% of users will leave the website if it takes over 3 seconds to load? They’re running out of patience!

Parallax – A recurring trend

Parallax gained popularity and dominated the internet with engaging scrolling experiences and more. However, it doesn’t take long for everyone to hop onto the trend and make it overused, diminishing its impact. At the peak of the trend, it became an integral part of various websites as brands hoped to take their web designs to a new level. However, poor execution resulted in slow page load speed, unsatisfactory website usability, and A LOT of scrolling! User experience was suddenly not a priority anymore.

However, when we’re talking about forgotten trends, 2022 decided to bring back one of its favourites. The parallax websites are making a come-back as a trend, with expectations of caution and better technical expertise. We’re not looking to overdo the trend again or introduce endless and heavier pages. After all, less is more. Some examples of parallax websites are Collage and Gucci.

Indulge the viewer with a psychedelic experiences

2022 is a year for experimentation and we know no boundaries. The psychedelic trend is a new, yet intriguing one for graphic designers as they use various design elements to create the experience. We’re talking about unapologetic patterns, vibrant colours, interactive visuals, turning your regular website into a one-of-a-kind psychedelic trip! Distort your design elements as much as you want and create a unique user experience that stands out.

However, we might add that this isn’t a trend for everyone. But with the right brand image and audience, a psychedelic experience can do wonders. Here are some good examples – Cartoon Network, Crumbskees, and Dead Obies.

Scrolling is the most common form of user engagement as it helps the user navigate. So, it might strike as an opportunity for animated scrolling experiences to take the user on a new journey on the website. While scrolling animations aren’t entirely new, you can always add your creative bits to surprise the user with a new experience. This also includes psychedelic images or parallax effects – we’re moving towards 3 dimensions! Add more details and psychedelic elements to the animation to create a more immersive experience for the user.

Add the human touch with graphics and design elements

AI has been gaining popularity, and we’re all a fan of the technology today. However, it might be a great idea to add a twist to the existing perfect designs with imperfection. Handmade graphics and art create a sense of personality and connection with DIY crafts and relatable designs. And the best part is, you don’t have to limit yourself! Include doodles, crayon or paint textures, uneven cutouts, and more. We’re just trying to bridge the gap between technology and the real world and add a human touch.

Some businesses have authentic and creative packaging loved by their customers. Rather than adding a high-quality image of your products, like every other brand, make it a part of the website! Turn the real products into design elements by animating them or using the parallax effect to emphasize the products. This trend allows your products to be the focus of your website, making them a part of the user experience.

The only constant on the internet is – change! So, with new web design trends each year, your website needs to stay relevant and on top of its game. The future is moving quickly and web designers are trying to pave their way to the top by either bringing back forgotten trends or adding creative bits to existing trends. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a refreshing website that really connects with the user. This year, the goal is to use even the most unconventional approach if you need to and instil a sense of wonder and excitement in the user.

Each trend has its own value and while you want to incorporate all of them, the budget can be an issue. However, never compromise the quality of your website and give your competition an edge. The best thing about web design is that it embraces a lot of creativity so there are countless possibilities of what you can do for your website. Work smart!

Budget and quality is never an issue with our competitive prices! Check out our web design services and portfolio to talk to one of our expert web designers to get your quote today!

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