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Web Designs That Convert

An online presence creates multiple opportunities for businesses to capture the attention of their target audience and convert them. As the leading web design agency in Melbourne, our team at OzWeb provides creative web design services that increase your conversions and maximize revenue. Whether you’re just starting out with an enthusiastic fresh perspective, or you’ve spent quite a few years in the industry and established your business – we have the right web design for you.

We provide engaging web designs while carefully selecting the features, typography, color palette, and more, on your landing pages. We aim for more brand visibility and higher qualified leads, website traffic, conversions, and revenue. Our web design services help you improve your business and its digital marketing. 

Engage with your customerS

Your customers will first interact with your business on your landing pages. It creates their first impression.  Customers either navigate their way through your website, or close their browser and search for your competitor’s website. We ensure that your websites are appealing, engaging, and user-friendly, so your customers continue their journey on your website.

Your business needs an online identity to communicate with your customers on a new and diverse platform. Hence, we take your business profile, target audience, market trends, competitor analysis, and more, to create strategies that help your business succeed.

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Create your custom platform to engage with your customers. Boost conversions and maximize revenue with our custom web designs that translate your brand vision.










Testing & Launch

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Add your personal touch with customizable web designs

If our existing web designs are not the one for you, we offer customizable web design services as well. Now, you can describe your business the way you want, through your web design. Each business is unique and so are their profiles and communication.

However, our web developers know how to creatively design your website to fit your business requirements.

With customizable designs, you can either modify an existing web design, or create a new web design with our developer to establish your online presence.

Rank higher on Search Engines

To rank higher on search engines, you’d need the right SEO elements in your website. This includes meta tags, URL structure, internal and external links, and more. However, we ensure an SEO-optimized business so your customers can easily google your business.

We create SEO-optimized, responsive, user-friendly, websites that are compatible with all devices. Hence, your customers can connect with you on any device at any time. This increases brand visibility and allows you to reach your target audience faster. Cyberattacks and data breaches are a thing of the past. Our web developers will ensure the safety of your data and content, with no compromise in quality. We only deal in fast-loading and user-friendly websites with the top security systems that allow our clients to trust us.

Redesign your existing website

You may have a website already but is it generating the results you need? Something might be missing. Many factors could push you to redesign your website. These include cyberattacks, poor user experience, maintenance issues, security issues, lack of user-engagmenet, and more.

Our web developers will go over the current features and web design of your website, to locate any issues or areas for improvement. We analyze your website to eliminate any key issues and add missing elements. However, each change will affect the overall web design of your website. Hence, we communicate with you every step of the way so you can provide valuable feedback.


Talk to one of our web design experts to see how you can start boosting conversions today.


Don’t forget, over 90% of consumers will go to Google to search products or services before actually making it to checkout. Hence, your online presence is crucial for your conversions and business growth. We offer award-winning packages with competitive prices that deliver the impactful results we claim. Talk to one of our team members today to get a quote for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This entirely depends on your requirements and goals. Once we’ve taken our client information, we will design a defined project outline that will also be shared with you. The complexity of the project will determine the time period.

It’s your website that we built for you. So, you will own the website once it’s live. We will provide the necessary information to manage and edit your new website.

Yes, definitely! We offer our clients, multiple features they can add on their website to enhance their web design and maximize conversions. Many of these include, but aren’t limited to – Ecommerce, Appointment Scheduling, Payment methods, etc.

Yes. We offer our WordPress website services for businesses who either need a new website or are looking to switch from a different content management system. WordPress allows multiple custom changes and is easy to manage for our clients as well, which is why we prefer it. Many of the biggest businesses in Australia today, have chosen WordPress for their websites.

While your website’s ranking will also depend on its functionality, user experience, and more, it will need the right digital marketing to rank higher on Google. Our digital marketing strategies combined with our final web design will ensure you attract your target audience and increase conversions.